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Welcom to Immanuel Baltic Federal University

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University was established in 1967 as an expansion of the already existing Kaliningrad State Pedagogical University, which was established in 1947. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University is a premier educational institution in Russia’s far west. Over 300 secondary, higher, extra, and post-graduate professional educational programs are now available at the university. The infrastructure of the institution consists of 53 buildings. The entire area of the institution has grown by 3.5 times in the last five years. There is a Clinical Diagnostic Center at the university. 

Its R&D funding has increased 3.5 times in the last five years. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, a forward-thinking university in Russia, aspires to uphold and expand on the academic traditions of its predecessor, Albertina Koenigsberg University. Albertina, one of Europe’s oldest institutions, with a history dating back more than 460 years. The Institute of Medicine was founded in 2006 when the General Medicine Programme at the IKBFU was introduced. The Medical College was established by the University in 2008.

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Development of optical sensors based on rhodium and platinum has potential for applications in Russia

Latest Blogs

Indian Delegation Visited IKBFU

On the 20 of April a delegation from Partap College of Education (India) visited IKBFU. The college director professor Manprit Kaur and Associate professor Balwinder Kaur attended a meeting with IKBFU Vice-Rector for politics.

International Student at IKBFU

IKBFU International Office opened a book-crossing shelf containing classical Russian literature books. There are books for any language level and for you to practice your Russian reading skills.

IKBFU Scientists Developed a New Technique

Specialists at Immanuel Kant Baltic Government College have created and tried a technique for mental preparation, focused on revision of problems that might frame in the period from one to 90 days after the intense period of Covid.

IKBFU Scientists Invented a more Effective Drug

The IKBFU scientists proposed that instead of traditional complex approaches, they should assess the concentration and chemical composition of drugs using vibrational spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance methods.

The Traditional Indian Extravaganza held at IKBFU

At the festival, Indian students were putting on modern dances and music that was influenced by Bollywood. A number that featured a parade of students dressed in traditional Indian garb received a standing ovation from the audience.

IKBFU Research to Improve Optical Sensors

Improvement of optical sensors in light of rhodium and platinum has potential for applications in Russia Numerical displaying of the optical properties of round platinum and rhodium nanoparticles completed at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Government College (IKBFU) in Kaliningrad

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