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Immanuel Baltic Valley

Innovation for making immanuel baltic valley multifunctional and versatile materials in light of polymer and composite materials (LLC Ampertex)
Corrective item founded on microencapsulated lipophilic concentrate from red green growth of the Baltic Ocean
Reusing advances for carbon and fiberglass (LLC “Resizolit”)
Astute Answers for Computerization Issues (Sodruzhestvo Gathering of Organizations).
Model of an optical ozone depleting substance sensor in view of a brain network approach (Government project for the creation and improvement of carbon polygons)
Programming for recognizing offenses of a hoodlum nature (carried out in the current frameworks of the “protected city” of the Kaliningrad district)

immanuel kant baltic federal university
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

The implementation of the strategic project is based on three foundations:


Creation and advancement on the domain of the district of the Imaginative Logical and Innovative Center “Baltic Valley Humantech” , the unmistakable attributes of the model of which were the accompanying.
The essential errand of the high level improvement of the Kaliningrad locale, declared by the Leader of the Russian Organization, is to guarantee the positive elements of creative turn of events and accomplish an elevated degree of intensity of the venture engaging quality of the district.
Innovative administration framework (the monetary model of the INTC includes the determination of tasks and members just based on the rule for the development of added esteem).
Just lawful substances from the area of innovative business venture, and not research groups, can become inhabitants of the INTC.
Countless intrigued associations with regards to the huge and medium-sized genuine area of the economy (both local and from different subjects of Russia) that have consented to an arrangement to partake in the venture.
The arising consortium “Immanuel Baltic Valley.

Advantages of studying in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

The teachers and academicians of the college are capable and aces in their fields. College has a showing position of 472.

The College has strong global associations and coordinated efforts and behaviors scholarly and research trade programs. It additionally dispatches and orchestrates global occasions. These guarantee openness to understudies and opens up amazing open doors for imaginative and gifted personalities.
Different offices incorporate a science park, focused on the grouping of exploration potential. It gives preparing in essential improvement in business climate.
The College has numerous understudy associations like, the Understudy Chamber, Understudies’ Exploration Society. Understudies” Association, Understudy theater, Joined Board of Students and Club of the Amusing and Creative.
The College library is a 50 year old, very much kept up with vault of books from which the understudies can make the best use for references. It additionally gives free admittance to e-information bases.
The College has exceptional centers to deliver unrivaled down to earth and clinical preparation.
The College offers stage for extra curricular exercises. The College has College groups for b-ball, volleyball, scaled down football, sports, swimming, wrestling, boat hustling, ice hockey and cheer driving group.
The College gives convenience offices to the understudies in 7 lodgings, at strolling distance from the college,. In differing kinds of dorms as per their decision, with all fundamental offices like restroom, kitchen, WiFi, free laundries, work exercise centers, space for examining and entertainment.

Ranking of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Country rank is 38
• World rank is 707
• Ranks among TOP 100 Universities in Russia
• Ranks number 1 in Kaliningrad region
• Accredited by Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO)
• Recognized by Ministry State Health and Education Russian Federation.

Location of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Located in the city of Kaliningrad, a the administrative centre of Kaliningrad Oblast, between Poland and Lithuania. A city with German history and ancient traditions. It has a large port and reachable by bus, shuttle bus, or commuter train.