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The scientific and practical conference

The Scientific and Practical Conference

On May 11, the NTP “Fabrika” hosted an event designed to create an open platform for the exchange of scientific results and opinions of schoolchildren. During the conference, the participants presented their design work, which they completed as part of the Star of the Future educational competition.

Pavel Vorontsov, research laboratory assistant at the Biomedical Applications Laboratory of the REC “Smart Materials and Biomedical Applications”, conference organizer:

I want to express my gratitude to all the participants and partners of the ScienceMic 2023 scientific and practical conference for schoolchildren. Without your participation and support, this event could not have become so large-scale and informative.

I would like to express special words of gratitude to the participants and prize-winners, who not only demonstrated excellent results, but also showed a great desire to develop and deepen their knowledge in science.

Adelina Pashko, student of SHILI:

During the preparatory stage of the conference, I experienced fear and uncertainty, so I consulted with my supervisor from the Scientific and Educational Center “Smart Materials and Biomedical Applications”, who supported and explained incomprehensible points. Now our research has rather a physico-chemical direction. In the future, we plan to continue working on the project from a biological point of view.

Participation in educational projects, conferences helps to determine the area of ​​their scientific interests, form an idea of ​​the learning path and decide who to become.