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Kaliningrad and the Region

The Kaliningrad Oblast is the westernmost region of the Russian Federation

Kaliningrad City


Königsberg (as the city of Kaliningrad was once known) was established by Teutonic knights in the XIII hundred years. It became one of the urban areas of the Hanseatic Association and was once the capital of Prussia. The savant Immanuel Kant went through the entirety of his time on earth in the city and kicked the bucket there in 1804.

After the German loss in 1918, the Clean Passageway of Danzig isolated East Prussia and Königsberg from the remainder of Germany. Hitler’s craving to rejoin them was one of the flashes that lit WWII. The three months crusade by which the Red Armed force took the area in 1945 was one of the fiercest of the conflict, with a huge number of losses on the two sides. The Gathering of the Partners, which occurred in Berlin in 1945, gave East Prussia to USSR.

Today Kaliningrad is a progressively creating exchange and modern focus of Russia’s westernmost district. The verifiable tradition of numerous hundreds of years, which has earned revenue in the previous years, effectively entwines with indications of the third thousand years, making a novel mix, which draws in visitors from everywhere the world.

Sights of  Kaliningrad


In Kaliningrad there are exhibition halls (historical center of golden, verifiable and imaginative, the World Sea, Craftsmanship Display, Stronghold Gallery, and so forth), theaters, significant libraries (specifically, sections of the middle age book assortment — Wallenrodt Library), a zoo, a greenhouse.

Sights of Kalining


Kaliningrad is the westernmost territorial focus of the country. An enormous vehicle intersection: railroads and parkways; ocean and stream ports; the global air terminal Khrabrovo. In this part you will figure out how to get to Kaliningrad from focal Russia.

Exceptionally old verifiable legacy, interest in which has very expanded lately, effectively entwines with the indications of the third thousand years, making a novel mix that draws in guests from everywhere the world.

Burnt out on climbing through the city roads, you can sit over some espresso in one of the numerous bistros. Aficionados of shopping, as well, won’t be frustrated. There are numerous stores and different retail outlets in Kaliningrad, as well as keepsake shops.

The Curonian Spit is a long and slender sand promontory extending from southwest to upper east from Zelenogradsk of the Kaliningrad Locale to the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda. The Curonian landmass is the world’s longest spit that isolates the freshwater Curonian Tidal pond from the Baltic Ocean.

Beginning around 1987, the Russian portion of the Curonian Spit has been a public park, which was recorded as an UNESCO World Legacy Site in 2000.

In Kaliningrad, Russia’s just worldwide organ contest named after Mikael Tariverdiev, the global celebration «Amber necklace» is held. The global celebration «Kaliningrad City Jazz» has become conventional, during which you have an exceptional chance to see and hear world-size stars.

The theater celebration «Baltic Seasons» was generally well known among occupants and guests of the city, during which renowned Russian theaters, ensemble symphonies, dramatic groups visited in Kaliningrad.

8 reasons to come to Kaliningrad

  • Only here you can take a stroll along the Kant’s island, enjoy the sight of the Cathedral, stand by the Kant’s tomb thinking about perpetual peace
  • Only here you can visit the Amber Museum, see the model of the Amber Room and admire the luxurious amber chess
  • Only here you can stroke a merry Prussian cat in the Museum “King’s Gate”
  • Only here you can visit the perfectly preserved Fort No. 5 “King Friedrich Wilhelm III”
  • Only here when you go to the Museum of the World Ocean you can visit the legendary scientific research vessel “Vityaz” and the unique Russian Space Agency’s vessel “Kosmonavt Viktor Patsayev” and after that explore the compartments of the battle submarine “B-413”
  • Only here you can rest from studying on the beautiful sandy beaches and dunes of the Curonian Spit – a unique corner on the planet Earth that is included to the UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Only here you can have a swim in the warm Baltic Sea and sunbathe on the finest тgolden sand in Svetlogorsk – the largest resort on the Kaliningrad seashore
  • And finally, only here you can experience all delights of the changeable Kaliningrad weather and understand the meaning of the saying: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes…

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